A Tournament with Unsaid Rules

Dreams 10.26.13
My recall’s been pretty bad since I took time off. When I wake up now I am usually thinking about how warm it is under the blankets and how cold it is outside. Recollections of dreams are often quickly forgotten.

I am doing this about 5 hours after I woke up now. I did recall more when I first got up. I was participating in some sort of contest or tournament where pairs of contestants would be set against each other. Each pair were matched in an unknown game until the game judges or council revealed it.

When it came time for my match, my opponent and I were led to a dark locker room and given a number. We opened the locker with the number and found 2 long white slightly padded staffs inside. We were not given instructions on what the nature of the contest was, what it took to win. We both stared at the sticks. I imagined they might be fighting sticks but why were they padded? And why white? Were they a tool to be used to solve some larger puzzle?

I did not know what my opponent thought but these were the kinds of things that went through my mind.

I know we got on with the contest somehow. I do not know who won but I know we collaboratively tried to work out what the rules were but then we did compete against each other.


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