Gawdy Festivals

When I don’t write my dreams down for over 4 days I always feel like it’s all slipped away but I just need to really pay attention to my reminders instead of swiping them off my phone and then I’ll at least have something.

Dreams 11.13.13
I got off a subway station with probably my mom, my sister and brother in law. There was some kind of festival going on and there was an area with many large items displayed foe silent auction.
We slowly walked down the aisle to check out what they were. Hey were mostly large gawdy traditional pieces of Chinese “art”. They all looked very tacky, like they had been donated out of many recently rich but always been super pretentious people’s basements.

But when I looked around, I saw the festive atmosphere and how everyone around me, my family and the other festival attendees seemed to enjoy themselves. I decided then that this art, as hideous as it was, was still great because it brought people together. Perhaps none of this would sell and they would all be returned to the owners’ giant basements, never to be seen again but today they served a very grand purpose as the centerpiece to a festival that inspired people to gather and share an experience.


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