A Warm Cool House

Dreams 11.14.13
Again there aren’t too many details today but I remember being inside a house with rough and dark granite tiled walls and floors. Occasionally the dark granite would be broken up by a slab of smooth white marble either as the kitchen island or as a piece of a wall. The entire inside of the house would be waterproof if not for the soft furnishings like a throw rug or couch here and there.

The windows were large with clean lines. If you looked out them you would probably see nothing but greenery. Right now, the windows’ presence is felt only as sources of light, reflected on the matte granite as spots of white sunlight. Despite the rocky and seemingly “cool” surroundings, the granite felt very organic and grounded. I just knew that if you cranked the fireplace or the heat in this house, the warm stone against bare feet would feel amazing.

I remember walking through the kitchen to the room just beyond, which turned out to be a guest bedroom. There was a nice queen-king size bed. On one side of the bed, sitting on a lucite chair, a friend (who is unrecognizable) held a baby in his or her arms, offering it to me so I could hold it. I looked over to the other wide of the bed and there was a large and luxurious looking bathroom with walk up tub, shower, plush towels and rugs, etc. It was separated from the rest of the room by a clear glass wall.

I looked at my friend sitting in the chair and then over to the bathroom. In my head I think I weighed whether to hold the baby in my arms or go enjoy the bathroom’s facilities. For a brief moment I felt the sensation of holding the baby in my arms and kissing it on its forehead. I don’t know if that’s what I chose or if it was part of the weighing of decisions that I had this sensation.


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