The Factory Blues

Dreams 11.15.13
I was at “work” in a place that had rows and rows of long tables. I can’t exactly remember what my “work” was but everyone sat at these long white tables with their “work”. At one point I was taken into an office to ask my opinion about a bunch of firings but they weren’t really asking me my real opinion. They were just looking to Mr to justify people they already wanted to fire. For example one girl just finished a project but at that moment she wasn’t particularly doing much. They used my comments regarding her in-between project status as a reason why she could be fired right now.

I left the office pretty upset. I felt guilty but knowing I shouldn’t be. Yet I still felt bad. So then my mom picked me up for lunch to cheer me up. We went to a dinky little hole in the wall type of restaurant like the dirty little cafés you might find in Hong Kong. When we were directed to our table I saw that it was for more than two and there was another person with their back to us sitting there.

I was hesitant to sit. I looked over at my mom thinking she had tricked me into eating with one of her friends but then the person got up and I started to recognize who it was. Then my mother spoke up and said it was my godmother. I was instantly relieved and happy to see her again but then a new reluctance surfaced in its place.

What would my godmother think of my current situation? She is a lovely and understanding woman, truly an example to live by but what would she make of me, now? We went closer to the table, making our way to sit and before the end of the dream, I still only saw the back of her head, not her face.


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