Markets and a White Hallway

Dreams 11.20.13

I was in a tent-covered flea market with my sister. The market’s setup on a sandy floor. We were looking in the part of the market where the wares were not things she would necessarily like. I picked up different shaped wooden incense burners off the table. There were other cheap trinkets sold along side. My sister was browsing about 20 feet away.

I then lost my sister go and went on my own through a bunch of Asian manga/ anime stores inside a Chinese mall. I didn’t know what I was looking for. The shop owners always seemed surprised to see me and annoyed when I would just charge in, look confused then walk out.

Later I walk through a house that should be my mother’s house with my sister. We yell to my mom in another room saying that no we don’t want her left over furniture. Then we pass by the front hallway and saw a white curtain crawling with 2 creeping plants. The entire curtain basically was covered in a sparsely leafed vine. It was so even it was like a pattern. The window let in a lot of light though because the hallway was blindingly white.


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