Another Airport and Spontaneous Combustion

Dreams 11.24.13

In my dream, I was at some kind of airport. I was exiting or transferring with my family but we were each walking along on our own. The path we had to take from the top floor to the bottom, meant that we had to walk around 4 open floors where you could look down to the ground floor.  The way the escalators were situated forced you to walk along every part of every floor, possibly get distracted by the shops and casinos, etc.

I was the last of my family to head down. My dad went ahead in front of me with his luggage. On the third floor, there was an area where the foot traffic was backed up a bit and I waited amongst a crowd. A bunch of dudes were around me and I locked eyes with one particular man who was THE guy. All his friends kind of surrounded him congratulating him for something. He was big, thick and muscular, not too tall, perhaps around 40-ish. He had a goofy grin on his face and we stood looking out over the railing, down onto the first floor.  He touched his forehead to mine with his big arms wrapped around me and whispered in my ear, “You have the most beautiful face that I’ve ever seen.” He seemed drunk, but on love.

I didn’t really think he meant it literally of course but in that moment, it felt like we were lovers and he only had eyes for me. Then the crowd started moving. His friends pulled him aside to continue with whatever celebration they were having and I moved along in my quest to get to the ground floor.  Every so often I would look behind or look up, wondering where he was.  I felt an overwhelming urge to go back and just be around him for a while longer but a part of me kept wondering if he even noticed I was gone. Did I run back up? A part of me thinks I did but I can’t remember if it really happened.

I think I ultimately found my way to the ground floor, passed the customs gates, looked back up towards where I last saw him and hoped I would see him again one day.

Then some other stuff happened in the dream that was related to work. I was checking or testing something and whatever it was, it burst into flame. I’m pretty sure when that happened, I sat up in bed and woke up from my dream, suddenly realizing I was in a dark room and nothing was on fire.


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