Readying to Party

Dreams 11.23.13
I was like a ghost taking mental pictures while floating through rooms in a hotel/resort. I saw a mid-fifties couple getting ready to go out somewhere. The man was near the bed waving his arms and screaming about something excitedly. He was obviously coked up.

I floated over to the woman who was over by the bathroom sink looking in he mirror, putting on makeup. Her hands were shaking and I was pretty sure she was on something as well. It was as if I did not control my own movements. Before whatever power moved me away I mentally snapped a blurry picture of her. In my mind’s eye, I saw the blurry picture in a golden colored frame. I saw that the woman had a green top and was not wearing pants. She was wearing control top hosiery. I floated backwards past the bedroom where the man still raved about something. I noticed then that he was still in his boxers, his shirt only half done up.

Then there was a bunch of stuff that I can’t remember. I distinctly remember my ex telling me that he had sold the house a couple of weeks ago. And I was shocked, a bit angry that he did not tell me earlier, mixed with a dash of I told you so and finally what happens now financially? Has he or is he solving Hiya financial troubles this way? Can I ask him for some of the “half” from the split now? I haven’t asked for anything yet officially.


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