Eggs, Booze Hunt and Gnomes

Dreams 11.30.13
At one point I was inspecting some crazily large chicken eggs. One was almost the size of my head and the other the size of my fist. They also seemed to have some kind of soon wrap on them. I slowly pulled the one off the head sized one without damaging it. It came apart in twos, split straight down the middle. It was like a patchy cow skin pattern. I set down the eggs in a table beside regular eggs to compare the size, in awe of these things that i somehow managed to come across. I wondered if they were edible and how big were the yolk and egg white inside. How big a sunny side up egg did it make and how big a plate would it fill?

Later I was in a barely renovated basement. It has thin dark carpeting and white walls. It was simple but new. I looked over on one corner and my mom was gesturing to me behind some left over building materials, there were a couple of metals rods and a couple of wooden banisters, saying that I should not worry because this junk will be moved away soon. I think I told her I could help her move it and she refused and said no don’t worry again. “It won’t be in your way.” Then it was around here where my uncle entered the picture and the two of them just kept on non-stop nagging me. I got really fed up and shushed them in a very rude way but they just ignored it. Finally, their nagging made me so annoyed, I sighed in a really exaggerated way and walked out of the room.

In another room of this basement I found some of my coworkers (my boss and the web designer) sitting at a table with two younger unknown-to-me girls. They were all drinking and laughing.

When I approached my boss shyly and drunkenly said hello. The web designer was buzzed but energized and he said sorry there’s no more booze. Then the girls chimed in and said these guys drank everything they bought in the last run to the store. That’s when I realized that the house we were in was a country house that was a bit far from town and it was in he middle of winter. It was cold and nobody would leave he house unless it was needed. The web designer reached over and then plopped a can of ginger ale or club soda in front of me and said that’s all we got for you.

I went over to the cupboards and rummaged through thinking I had seen a bottle somewhere. The girls said loudly we drank it all, you won’t find anything. I didn’t stop looking. In my head I thought, did I really want to drink that badly? I could just have ginger ale, possibly club soda which would be worse. Do I want to make the trip into town? Is it necessary? Really do I want a drink that badly? It’s not like I am an alcoholic… then I was honest with myself. While I liked a quarter of the people here and OK and curious to meet the rest, I would definitely prefer to have some booze in me to better enjoy my time here in this isolated country house, whether with them or not. So yes, I did want booze and I decided that I should go to town and buy something for everyone.

Dreams 11.28.13
It was winter. I was wearing a red coat and backpack. Someone had just dropped me off outside a park and told me to walk towards where the three paths met. I looked back at who dropped me off and all I saw was the path I was walking on, continuing into the woods. There were barren trees and snow all around me but the path itself was clear. The asphalt or gravel path was a dark grey. As I approached the place where the paths met, I heard mischievous voices gnomey voices chattering something at me. Then snowballs flew at my face from nowhere but they were vicious attacks. They were playful throws, tosses really. Then I stood at the spot where the three paths met and a red school bus pulled up, doors opened, right in front of me. Inside sat the gnomey beings who made the playful voices that I heard before and as I stepped onto the bus they all greeted me with enthusiasm. Then I sat with one of them and I think they sang joyful songs as the bus bumped along a road that I couldn’t see.  It was really bright outside the bus. I think they were taking me somewhere I would want to be, I just wasn’t quite sure where but I was very willing to go.


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