Even Dog Do Is Better When It’s Real

Dreams 12.01.13
Huh. It’s December. Whaddaya know?
I think it’s been almost two years since I started this…my memory is sketchy. Anyway, I have still only lucid dreamed once because honestly I haven’t been trying hard in my waking hours to make this work. During waking hours this just doesn’t seem like a priority.

I was wondering last night if I should take advantage of Onnit’s Black Friday sale and buy a 90ct bottle of Alpha Brain for $70 bucks shipping included. That’s a big discount and based on accounts online, it would really help with lucid dreams. Would I remember enough to recall them though? I feel like lately I’m just not recalling well because I’ve gotten lazy. Plus if I’ve made myself do it once before should I try to take supplements to help or just put in the work? To the few of you who read this: what do you think? Get the Alpha Brain or no? I have until Monday midnight to decide because that’s when the sale ends.

My dream from last night…I know I dreamt more but this is all I remember. I lived on a ground floor apartment. I had a puppy that looked like a real dog but was in fact a robot. I looked down at it and saw it squat down about to poo its rabbit sized pellet shits, one of its first times since being brought home. Someone behind me, maybe my uncle says, “Quick! Take her outside before she makes a mess!” So I grabbed the robot puppy with both hands and go out the sliding doors to the paved terrace area. I watched the puppy do its robot poop and look through the window inside.

I see a real dog, I think it was my dog, staring out at me puzzled and maybe a bit upset. I felt strange, like I was betraying her because now I take care of this useless robot dog that’s not even real, just to fill some hole in my heart. I felt sad for the relationship I can no longer have with my real dog and ashamed for trying to replace her with something fake, just to feel better.


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