Puppies and a Stranger

Dreams 12.06.13
I walked into a house which was apparently my house. I called out for my dog. She didn’t come running. I looked around it was dark everywhere. I tried to turn the lights on but the switches didn’t seem to do anything.

For some reason, I thought it necessary to go replace my missing dog I case my parents asked and noticed she was missing. I went out to some “guy” to pick up some puppies. I saw myself pull up to a driveway in a car. From afar I saw the guy carry an armful of puppies that I didn’t even know what type they were And transfer them into my arms.

As I drove home, I could hear the puppies shuffling in the cardboard box beside me. I wondered what breed they were. What if they looked completely different than my dog?

When I walked into my house with the cardboard box, the lights were now on. I turned the cardboard box upside down and let the 3 puppies out. They looked exactly like my dog when she was a puppy. I was happy because no one would know and they would also be happy there was three of them. But I was also sad again because I was trying to replace my own dog and she was nowhere to be found.

Then I looked around the lit room and saw paws sticking out from underneath a buffet table. I panicked briefly because it looked like my dog and was she stuck? How long has she been there for? Was she still alive?  Then I imagined myself taking a picture in the same room, pitch black, and my camera flash had a spotlight effect that highlighted what I wanted to see. The resulting picture showed exactly where my dog seemed to be underneath the table

I moved the table away and my dog woke up from a nap. Her entire rear end started wagging slowly with excitement. I hugged her and looked for the other puppies. What would my dog think of them? Would she be mad that I tried to replace her?

Then I was sitting somewhere, on a date with someone I barely knew. I felt tired and despite not really being into him I put my head on the very edge of his shoulder. All of a sudden the weight of me just drifted away.

Then I woke up in a bed beside this guy. The bed was still made, we were lying on top of the sheets but I knew that we had been done something in the night. Maybe I blew him or something.  It felt awkward but I didn’t feel bad, just that I no longer wanted to stay there but had enjoyed the company.


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