Dancer On the Pillar

Dreams 12.18.13
There was a lot of stuff I forgot. I was walking around in a city that I was just getting comfortable in. It was night. The streets were damp and there were a few pools of white-ish lights. I was walking through an area that was like an industrial park. The trees were sparse and the grass was very short. There were a few tall square pillars spaced throughout.

Then as I was walking by, I looked up at the top of one of the pillars and did a double take. There was a girl, in gymnast garb, pacing around at the top of the pillars. I knew she was getting ready to jump off but I kept walking, trying to ignore it. I knew it was going to happen though and I dreaded it, expecting something horrible. Another man walked in the same direction as me. He passed me on the sidewalk.

I kept walking and then I heard the splat from the direction of the pillar. The man and I both ran towards the splat to the poor girl, splayed out on the sidewalk, blood everywhere. I had only a brief memory of talking to her and then we were in an ambulance, being whisked away to a hospital. Everything that happened in the hospital was a blur as well. I just remember coming out, some rando asked me what happened and I could only tell them that one moment I was crouched beside her as she lay in pools of her own blood and next I knew we were in the ambulance


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