A Box of Dreams

Dreams 12.26.13

I was inside some kind of big box store, like a Walmart or Target. I only had 2 items in hand.  The one I went in for I forget, the other was an impulse buy lipstick in a dark red color.  I walked along the aisle of cash registers looking for the shortest line and ended up going towards the Express lanes.  Then another lipstick caught my eye in a lighter shade of red and I picked it up. A part of me really didn’t want to take it because I knew I would just be wasting money but I also thought it might be fun. Then it was my turn to pay and in the last moment to either chuck it or take it, I said nothing and the cashier rang in all three.

Turned out the total cost was 50% less than I expected and I was pleasantly surprised. I was actually quite happy about it. I couldn’t wait to get into my car and rip open the lipsticks to give them a try.

Out in the parking lot, it was snowing and mushy. I looked around to where I thought my car was and didn’t seem to see it. Then I looked again and think I see it so I headed towards it. As I got closer, it wasn’t the old Jeep that I was expecting. It was a much much bigger SUV like a Lincoln Navigator. Anyway I opened the door and climbed in.

I have a vague memory of being in there, looking into the visor mirror and thinking about which lipstick to put on. Then I had a quick flash memory of a scene in Damages when Patti was putting on lipstick and she did it so deliberately and carefully.

The next thing I remember was driving, plowing through swampy marshland in this massive 4×4. Then I may have crashed and passed out. When I woke up, I was in a daze and I heard voices in my head. Something about the sons of sons and there was 4 generations of “sons” being affected or are part of the “succession”. I may have had some clue what that was all about in the dream but now I have no idea. I just know that I was on some kind of spiritual journey and I guess whatever came of it, it would have lasting, generational repercussions.


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