Snowy Fields

Dreams 12.27.13
I walked up along the main road that lead my highschool was located on. In fact, I was a part of a mass exodus of students walking up the road towards the perpendicular main road. The intersection just north of the school looked just like I remembered it in winter time – snow covered empty fields with no condos or industrial buildings.

It was very windy and everyone in the exodus of students complained. I walked briskly, cutting in front of people and weaving through them. I don’t know what my hurry was but I wanted to get to wherever sooner. When we reached the circle which also connects to the perpendicular main road, everyone turned onto it. I wondered why none of the leaders thought to lead us straight up to it. I guess this curved way ended closer to where the destination was but the straight road seemed faster and more straightforward to me. I stood there watching the group trudge through the intersection onto the curved road. Then I broke off from the rest and ran up the straight road.

Finally we were at our destination camp. It was still covered in white snow but it was less windy, much less so that I thought maybe it was fake. Everyone was working together in teams trying to construct something. The structure they tried to build was big. I couldn’t actually see all sides of it but it looked like they were trying to glue Styrofoam planks onto other foam blocks and then sticking them together to form walls of a tower.

I realized then that we were on some kind of movie set and I got really mad because I knew we were hires to be assistants but not to BE the art department. I started to stomp around looking for whoever was in charge so I could give them a piece of my mind.


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