Arguments Everywhere

Dreams 01.01.14

I held back from writing this one down because I haven’t remembered dreams in a few days and usually when that happens I have to try to remember them (like remind myself before I sleep) in order to be able to resume the practice. I remembered most of this one for quite some time today so I think it affected me quite a bit but by now I have forgotten a lot.

I know I was talking and arguing with will-be-ex. He was going on about me having seen df and I kept saying he was wrong, I have not. However he kept insisting that I have and I asked how he knew that and he said he went to see df. For some reason I got mad about this because I suppose that I thought he went and did or said something terrible to him. The actual conversation was not relayed to me but for certain I knew that he walked away from the conversation flipping both birds at df. Which in hindsight really is far from being the worst thing he could do.

Somehow during this argument, df showed up as well and I tried to verify the story but df avoided talking to me. I kept insisting that he answer me and he just walked away. It was all very dramatic with a lot of motion. If I had to describe how I saw things unfold, it all looked very shakey and slanty as if I viewed it played out, in a video.

Later, after will-be-ex and df have both left, I was in the house alone with the insane bitch and her daughter. I was yelling at her about how her daughter was getting out of control and how I cannot handle having them here anymore. She was being super defensive about her daughter’s behavior. As we were arguing about this, her daughter was off doing something that endangered herself and others and I had to yell at her to stop. This made insane bitch even crazier and it started to get physical like I think she may have tried to shove me but I dodged it. Then I kicked them both out of the house and I felt a bit bad because her daughter was barely a teen and I had that horrible argument with her mother in front of her.


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