Prison Awaits

Dreams 01.07.14

I’ve been having trouble recalling lately. Mostly it is because I’ve had a respiratory tract infection or something for 2 weeks and the constant coughing and clearing of the throat has kept me up late into the wee hours of the night. When I finally sleep, I feel like the alarm rings right away. So I end up snoozing too much and rushing out of bed, out the door.

Here’s what I remember from this morning’s dream.

I was being taken to a prison, either as a prisoner or to go visit a prisoner. I was also a man in the dream. I may also have been Aaron Eckhart or was being taken there by Aaron Eckhart. We had to go into an elevator. As we went up, I had a brief flash of a memory/vision, of what was waiting inside the prison for me. It was Ellie Kemper (girl who plays Erin in The Office). She was in a ridiculously short paper gown. It may also have been a paper thin light blue dress, cut like a naughty nurse uniform. She had a crazy, vapid look in her eyes and she was jumping up to sit on a counter top in what looks like the prison laundry. She was waiting for me, either so she can fuck me or attack me. It was hard to tell.

Back in the elevator, an elderly couple came in when it stopped on an intermediary floor. They looked at me with shock and disdain in their eyes. Their body language clearly said they wish they had not gotten into the elevator. They avoided me and my guard as much as possible. Then I forget the rest. There may have been a part when we drove under the crisscrossing curved bridges of a highway interchange but I can’t be 100% sure.


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