Best Laser Tag Ever

Dreams 01.14.14
Half a month gone in January 2014 already! I’ve been recovering from sickness and trying to return to a normal sleep schedule. I am also moving into my own apartment next week so there has been a bit of planning for that as well. Therefore the dream journaling has been put on the back burner. I do remember some of last night’s dream though just because I laid there before falling asleep and said to myself, “Try to remember your dreams.” I get an alarm every night before bed that reads “Remember Your Dreams” but obviously passively seeing that message is not enough to solidify the intention. So take note dreamers!

I walked into a store with very high ceilings. It was a comic book store and wall to wall from floor to ceiling it was coveted in moulded plastic packaged collectible figurines. The floor was laid out so that it was kind of a maze and the path had different elevations so that at some points in the maze you could also look down and up at the whole store.

Since the store also doubled as a laser tag facility, this point in the maze was the beat vantage point for seeing everything and every nook in the maze but also the most vulnerable. The store maze was actually the perfect geeky laser tag venue. With each wall covered in multicolored figurines and certain sections laid out in similar color schemes of specific fantasy worlds, it was easy to be camouflaged. It was also very easy to get distracted by some cool toy and let your guard down.

Anyway I was approaching the vulnerable vantage point, engaged in a game with my HSX and a new friend BC (IRL I work with him remotely). I kept firing away at them but obviously my chest pack was malfunctioning because they definitely got me before I hit them so my shots should not have counted. But I kept acting like a cocky fuck anyways. So when we all plopped down on the floor near the exit, HSX showed BC a picture to get back at me for being cocky. I asked what was it and he said it was an x-ray cam picture of me in a weird pose while I was shooting. He figured i wasn’t wearing any steel under where that would prevent him from grabbing a naked pic with his x-ray cam. When I looked at the picture it looked like a horrible night vision pic combined with x-ray. My body was naked and purplish grey. It was my backside and my naked bare ass was unflatteringly on display as I was in mid squat, steadying myself for the shot. A huge ugly purple vein ran across my butt cheeks.

I was a little annoyed and also mad about how unflattering the picture was. Plus where did that big vein come from? Is it some kind of medical issue? So I pretended I wasn’t mad and said, “Well, all the kids are doing it these days. Why should I care? You took a bad picture by the way.” And gave him back his phone. Then as soon as I gave it back I realized I actually didn’t care at all. All that momentary anger and frustration was gone. I had let it go and it felt great. I was proud of my ugly naked ass. It’s what I was born with and even if it was unflattering, it was me and why shouldn’t other people see it? I have nothing to hide.

Then the three of us were lounging in a bar that had seats like those Japanese restaurants with the low lounger tables. The ambient lighting was dark and probably consisted of candles. We waited for someone to bring our drinks. As I lay there, feeling quite naked despite not being so, lounging there in from of these two, I made my fingers into the shape of pistols and playfully shot at them both, first to BC then to HSX. HSX laughed at me.

Then BC made a comment about how we were laughing and talking for most of the night on our “date”, implying that that’s what me and HSX were doing this night, and now we’re all done talking or interacting. HSX and I looked at each other and smirked. We knew we weren’t dating. The fact that new guy BC pointed it out meant that he was trying to get us to deny it so he knew where he stood.

After that I can’t remember anymore.


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