Voices Following Me

Dreams 01.16.14
I was in an institutional building, just coming out of a class or seminar. There were a lot of people in the concourse area milling about. It was obvious that the path to the exit was obstructed by people mostly because right next to it was a mini stage where a performance was happening. I approached the corner of the stage, exit in sight, and pondered just diving up n past the stage corner to get to the other side. Then a voice inside pulled me back. It said something weird like, “You’re not important enough if they don’t tackle you like Batman.”

Even in the dream I was awarded out by this comment but then I noticed that maybe it was a line from the performance on stage. There was a Harley Quinn up there, twisting and contorting herself while taunting the audience. Then I thought maybe I did was to dive and make Harley pin me down.

Then I turned around to find another exit. In the middle of the concourse, far from where I stood, I saw my concert buddy trying to flag me down. He was mouthing, “Hey I can give you a ride just come here!”

So I did. As I got closer he had his camera out and I playfully posed in midair as a hopped off a couple of steps to the middle area where a giant round pillar stood. I heard the sound of the camera snapping away. When the sound stopped and I had landed on both feet, I heard the sound of df’s voice coming from the other side of the pillar.

I tried to walk around the pillar, either away from it or towards it but I never saw him. His voice just seemed to follow me. I don’t know if I was frustrated that I couldn’t see him even though I tried to walk closer or if it was because I wanted to get away from the voice and it kept following me.


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