Dream Mash-Up

I am behind in my posts so publishing them at once in whatever current form they ate in…sorry

Dreams 01.17.14-01.20.14
I haven’t recorded my dreams the past few days. I’ve been busy – moved all my stuff to the new place with the help of some close friends. Tonight I sleep in the new place!

Anyway, I suddenly remembered a few scenes from my dreams and thought I should write them down.

Lover whispers in my ear, goosebumps and shivers run through my body.
Running up snowy hill then dive into icy waters

Dreams 01.24.14
Had lunch with film school friend whom I haven’t seen since my wedding. She was telling me about her life, her job, etc. (I should go see her)

I found a kitty on the street and named him something like Xasis. I remember that as soon as I called his name and pet him, scratching under his chin, he was receptive to my touch. My friend whom I was walking with, had his cat with him too. His cat tried to get in on the scratching action somewhat forcefully but Xasis stood his ground without being a dick. My friend kept asking me what the cat’s name was. I would tell him but he kept saying it wrong or forgetting.

We walked and took the subway to my dad’s apartment. When I went in I realized I went to the wrong home. I looked around at the layout and commented to my friend that my family had three different homes where the layout was similar but not the same. I thought we were going to one but instinctively had went to another by mistake.


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