Wintery Cult of Relationship Tests

Dreams 01.27.14
I was on my way to some camp with a cult. Or it may have been a group training type of thing. We were all dressed in white track suits walking through this magical looking winter wonderland type of forest. I remember us walking past an old sodden arched bridge and we all looked down at the incredibly clear water. The logs and life down below had such amazing detail it was like I saw everything in ultra high definition. Things that I thought were logs or floating flowers at first turned out to be creatures of some sort. I looked back up at my fellow camp mates and shared our expressions of wonder with each other.

Everyone but me seems to be blonde haired, blue eyed teens. They were the best looking, whitest bunch I have ever seen. I saw the different personalities and thought about myself in contrast. Four of the guys were supposed to test me in my relationship skills. This I somehow knew.

When we arrived at the center, one of them, the taller more ruggedly handsome one walked past me, lingering real close to me while looking straight into my eyes as he passed. He made me catch my breath. When he was gone, I looked up and around me at the trees and surroundings. Everything became extra vivid. I noticed the effect he had on me.

Later I walk past a window and notice the creative one doing something on their raised boardwalk. He saw me and waved me outside and beckoned me to follow . I went out and he was already gone. I did not want to keep him waking though so I went the way I thought he did. Then I an into the timid guy, who obviously had a crush on me. He was hiding out in this structure that wasa folded up something. I crawled in across from him and we stared into each others’ eyes for a while. Then I reached out. With my ha d and touched his face.when we touched, electric shocks seemed to run through us, we shared a moment.

Just then, the creative guy was stomping around the boardwalk looking for me. He caught me an timid guy in our moment and then he got mad and stormed off. I knew I should go after him instinctively but I hesitated, wondering what to do with timid guy. I went after him anyway but I knew then somehow … that I had failed my first relationship test. I had handled the situation badly.  I should not rush my deliberations. Next time that I was tested, I needed to do better.


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