Different Apartments and Impatience

Dreams 01.29.14
I “woke up” in my apartment and looked out the window through the curtains and saw w parked cars right up against the window. They were under an awning and beyond the awning I saw it was brightly sunlit. My eyes were still adjusting so I could not see any detail on the lawn. I had a vague knowing feeling that this wasn’t really my apartment because I live on the third floor of a high rise, not a first floor apartment in a house like the parked cars and lawn suggested.

I went outside of my bedroom and went to the kitchen breakfast nook. Soft blueish daylight was spilling in from outside the sliding back door. The small kitchen table in the crowded kitchen had a simples breakfast of cereal, milk and bowls setup. There were two other bowls and spoons setup.

I sat myself down and poured myself a bowl. Then I realized I was waiting for the other two people (my mom and step dad) to show up. They were supposed to give me a ride to work, and I knew I would be late. (I had this dream while I had snoozed but shut off my last real alarm and I had a vague knowledge of this in the dream)

Then my cousin walked into the kitchen followed by my mom and step dad. They acted like they didn’t see me and sat down at the table. They started eating a different breakfast than me, different food had just appeared from somewhere.

Then my cousin who also seemed to not see me starred whispering what I was thinking to my mom, telling her that if they didn’t hurry then I would be later since they were driving me. My parents seemed to ignore my cousin’s warnings and went about their breakfast eating ever so slowly. I sat there impatiently knowing that I will very likely be late but desperately hoping not.


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