The Maybe Paradise and Thawing Puppies

Dreams 02.04.14
I dreamt that I was in bed spooning with someone (it may have been ex husband). All I know is I really didn’t want to be there but the bed was so soft and I just wanted to lay in bed. The surroundings were nice enough. I think the entire room was made of some dark creamy wood. Outside the wooden window slats I saw green leafy branches swaying in the breeze and beyond a brilliant sunlight that told me it was day. I felt like I was in the one place in paradise that I didn’t want to be.

Then I woke up and thankfully whoever had laid beside me was gone. I missed the presence a bit but then I went downstairs and there was a gathering of people, party guests. It wasn’t necessarily my party but it happened in my place and it just went on. I was about to join them and a friend or colleague was approaching me. Then I notice these long metal tubes just leaning up against a table with some food on it.

I looked at my colleague questioningly as if to ask of he/she knew what these tubes were. They shrugged. I picked up one of the tubes and they were cols to the touch. I twisted open the end cap and looked inside.

Inside I found frozen newborn puppies. The tubes had been removed recently from some cryogenic chamber to be thawed out. I slowly tapped the tube and three frozen and frosted puppies fell gently to the slate floor. I picked them up right away and put them beside this giant Marmaduke size dog that was sleeping on a large ottoman in a dark room. I hoped that the body heat of the large dog would speed the delivery process and that the presence of one of their kind would ease the puppies’ re-arrival into this world. The Marmaduke dog yawned and opened one eye to see what was placed beside him then went right back to sleep.


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