Bad Designated Driver

Dreams 02.10.14
I was driving back from boarding with my sister. We stopped at a rest stop. I was on autopilot and when I got into the car after coming out of the washroom,I did not wait for her and kept driving. About ten minutes away, I realized I left her behind and knew I needed to turn around to get her.

It took me a while to find the right place to turn around. I ended up going through an old school gas station / truck stop in a quaint little town. I was no longer on a highway and had to go through a tourist town. While stopped at a three way light with a touristy mall just across, I had a vague memory of having gone in there when I was little, touring through this area with my parents. Now I imagined, because of the time on the car’s clock, that all the stores inside must be closed by now.


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