Dreams 02.11.14
The dream I remember from last night was purely sexual. Although the partner was a celebrity and not even necessarily an attractive one. In fact it was a mixture of two very different people. So I’ll just describe their presence and energy without getting too detailed in my descriptions of them.

We were in my room in the house I grew up in. He was big and heavy set, gruff. His hands and mouth were so greedy. All over he grabbed and sucked on my body and laid wet sloppy kisses everywhere. It felt really good and sometimes almost hurt but it was a good pain.

We didn’t do this for very long because we had such urgency to just get to the act. We stood up and were just to start ripping each other’s pants off when we heard the front door of the house slam open. We snuck a few more kisses in and tumbled into the bathroom together. He was very tall.

I pressed him up against the door, then opened the door a crack to see who had come home. It was my mother or sister coming in the front door with bags of groceries on each hand. I felt a little bad not rushing down to help. I closed the bathroom door again and kissed the tall guy.

The look on his face said he wanted it so bad but did not want to deal with the awkwardness of getting caught at all. I kissed him hard again and reached into his pants past the waistband and pulled at his very large, erect penis. I yanked at it so it pointed up, the tip of it peeking above the waistband. I walked back a few steps marvelling at how delicious it looked, teasing him. It was indeed the size of a baby’s arm. He looked at me helplessly, back against the door.


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