Beyond the Windows

Dreams 02.16.14

I was in a vacation house of sorts. It was very big and empty. Two other people were there that I could remember, maybe 3. One of them was df. The other may have been roommate. If there was a 3rd, it was another friend who used to come by the house.

I went downstairs to find them and df and probably roommate were busy watching something funny on a tablet. I asked them if they wanted to go do something. We came all the way here, it’s daytime, are we just gonna sit around? We should go out and see what’s out there. They looked up and dismissively just said, “But this is funny, we’ll be done soon.” I felt like they were just too lazy or scared to go outside to the unknown bright whiteness beyond the windows.

I went upstairs to my room, which was also very empty. The whole place had white/ivory carpet. There was a low thin mattress on the floor. I laid there for a bit, got very bored. I looked around hoping maybe my dog was there. She was not. Then I got frustrated. Why did we take this vacation. I mean yes, it’s nice to chill and relax but why did I take this vacation. Nobody cared to spend any time with me. I felt invisible and too cluttered within myself. I wanted to go BE, enjoy my time, FREE, with another person.

Then I also remember looking down at the floor. The toy car that my mother had bought for my nephew was there. I saw a pair of arms lift a baby, presumably my nephew into the molded body of the car but before he was in it, I felt like it would be too small. His legs would be cramped and he wouldn’t even be able to peddle the car. When my thought was over, both the car and my nephew had disappeared.


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