Wrestling a Demon Cat

Dreams 02.25.14
It was nightmarish. I was alone in a house full of odd shaped shadows. I go to bed and twisted and turned. Then I realized there was a demon cat in bed with me. I tried to jump on it to knock it out and catch it but it was squirmy.

I ended up wrestling it within the sheets then finally finding its neck with my hands. I took hold of it tightly and would not let go. Then it stopped fighting and looked at me with hate in its eyes. I yanked at the neck hard and ripped its head straight off the body. I felt victorious but still terrified.

Then I was half awake and drifting in a out if sleep. I worried that I couldn’t sleep because more nightmares would come. I then forced myself to change the dream visions to something lighter and more pleasant. Naturally I thought of df and something more comforting, no more shadows. The colors in my dream got whiter for certain but I can’t remember the rest.


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