Fuzzy Details on a Very Big Garage

Dreams 03.09.14
I am writing this hours later and I haven’t been sleeping we’ll or remembering my dreams lately, distracted I guess.

I remember being in a big garage and it had previously or was currently owned by ex-husband. The garage was huge. It was at least two or three stories tall on the inside, more like the size of a barn. The ex appeared in the dream briefly. I think we were walking through and taking stock of what’s there. I really didn’t see anything that was mine. My mother was there too just for support. I looked around, wandering on my own. On one of the shelves hidden behind something else was an old white Porsche. I don’t know why it was there, probably for parts. How typical I thought, of him to store something of value, not use it, not display it but just a toy hidden away and forgotten. There were other things too that I can’t remember. Big tools, machinery, big boy toys, etc. My mother stood at the garage entrance to the house. The door was half open. I was about to follow her in.


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