Night Running

Dreams 03.12.14
Recall is still a bit fuzzy. I dreamt that I was in a night running event. The trail went through darker areas of a large park with old trees as well as around large lit areas like baseball diamonds within the park. I could see he big pools of light on the green green grass. I saw the herd of runners rounding the curve of the baseball diamond and we all moved in the general direction. I heard the thumping of our sneakers on the grass. I thought for a brief moment how we were like horses.

Then I realized that I was not running two-legged like the others. I was using my slightly extra long arms and running basically on all fours. I was truly running like a horse or at least like a greyhound. Only one or two of my extremities touched the ground at the same time. As we reached the end of the curve, a friend who also participated in the race happened to be next to me. I told him/her that I wish I had shoes on my hands as well to protect them from running on all fours. He/she looked at me a bit weird, I guess while I was talking I was running regularly on two feet and they did not see me on all fours running like a gorilla. He/she laughed awkwardly as if I said a bad joke then ran ahead of me.

I continued on my own along with the rest of the group sometimes on two legs and sometimes on all fours, happy with the thought that sometimes I can let the true me be out and progress more in that way.


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