Left Behind – A Test

Dreams 03.16.14

Forgot to write this down earlier in the day. Got busy.

I was transported “magically” to an empty basement apartment with parquet floors. I was standing there facing the kitchen that had one single pot light on. In front of me was a group of other people all standing, paying attention of one person in the front. The person seemed to be praying or preaching but everything was muted for me. I was at the back of the group wondering what was happening. Then one by one the people around me disappeared in a flash of light, until I was left.

Then I thought I understood. It was either the Rapture and I was left behind or I was left behind in this place that I guess was my hell or a testing scenario. Whatever happened, I had to pass in order to make it to a better place. I approached the kitchen and looked more closely. The oven was old and used with crusty old food stains on the surface and sides. Inside the oven was cooked food that looked several days or weeks old. Luckily there were no insects or vermin. The rest of the kitchen was relatively clean but old looking. Cupboards were half open here and there as if someone had packed and left very quickly. I walked away from the kitchen…

Then I was outside in the yard. I think it might have been winter but I wasn’t that cold. Or maybe it was just really bright and everything just appeared white or a light yellow to me like I was standing in a huge sloped down field of wheat. I don’t remember exactly what happened. I think I met a man out there. I was surprised to see other people because I thought I was the only one left. Either I felt relieved that he was here as well or that he was supposed to be a part of my test, I just felt safer having him around in this place. I think he walked towards me from further down the sloped field whereas the house and I were near the top.

After that I don’t remember anything else.


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