Missed Announcements

Dreams 03.19.14
I was at the office. There was a gathering of people around the area where the senior team had their offices. The Sale VP stood up on a table and addressed the crowd. She is charismatic and cracks a few jokes, everyone laughs. Then my friend, who doesn’t work for my company IRL, was there and he cracked a joke near the end of her announcement, which didn’t seem like an announcement at all or perhaps the meat of it wasn’t out yet. He said, “Oh I thought people were gonna get fired today!” Everyone chuckled uneasily including the VP as if there was still a possibility that announcement could come. I looked at my friend as if I couldn’t believe that he said that.

Then everyone slowly dispersed. I felt like I missed something, like I stopped paying attention for a split second and the big announcement happened right then.

Another girl, she sits on the other side of my cubicle wall IRL, was left behind after the crowd dissipated. There were also two metal surgical looking tables/trolleys in view. They were covered in hunter green bed sheets functioning as makeshift beds. She proceeded to start changing the sheets sheet even though they looked clean, wrinkled but clean. I followed her lead and worked on the other bed because I felt like that was our jobs.

We chatted as we did this. I guess it was mostly small talk but honestly I can’t remember what we talked about.


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