New Construction, ScarJo and A Pantsless Adventure

Dreams 03.21.14
Recalling based on notes that consisted of about twenty words or less…

I was walking through a new construction of a house. There were no lights but it must be reflected sunlight filling the room. There was one senior contractor working on a ladder just above an opening which I guess was being cut out for a door, o ly it looked like somebody made the whole buy smashing it with hammers. It was a triangle shape that was barely 5 feet tall. On both sides was a translucent piece of plastic blocking the way. It wasn’t sealed shut though because the plastic flap and wave I’m the wind.

When I approached the contractor, I realized that I was followed by a team of Chinese contractors. They surrounded the door opening and starting criticizing it I some Chinese dialect I didn’t understand but from their tone of voice it was obviously insulting to the senior contractor who looked to me for translation. I shook my head indicating that I could not translate their dialect and gave him a look of apology. Then I pulled back the plastic drop cloth and passed through the entry hole.

I was outside, it looked like dawn. The air was dewy and crisp at the same time! The sky was light purplish blue with rose-orange hues in the clouds. I walked toward the house painted all in white, catching the light of the sunrise.

Then I saw ScarJo as if she was the character from Don Juan, through a window. She was bringing a wedding dress on a hanger up to the window where I stood watching her from the outside. She hung up the dress. I imagine that from the inside it looked just like one of the pictures from my wedding day. She peered out the window. My view of her was right up close. I saw her beautifully done makeup, pitch black mascara on long lashes. For a moment I only saw her eyes and she seemed concerned. Then she turned away and walked back to another area of the house, going about her business,
Then in another part of the dream, I can’t make a connection. My mom or sister were rushing me to drive somewhere. We leave the house from the back door and walk to a car behind the shed. I guess it was my car. As I was walking up to it, I saw that it was a dirty Greg old hatchback. Then I looked down, I was wearing no pants, just a long silky shirt. I think I looked over at my mom with a WTF look. They just kept telling me to hurry but I knew neither of us knew where we were going. I remember being frustrated but willing to go along just to see it all fail. At least I’d have fun driving, that’s close to what I thought in the dream.


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