In Transit

Dreams 03.25.14
There was a big chunk that I can’t recall before this.

I was on a subway car, super tired, big camping pack on me, nodding off as I stood, on the way somewhere. Then the train stopped at the end of the line. I had missed my stop. It was a couple back. I followed everyone else off the train and stood on the other side to wait for train going back the other way.

More people got off the train and came over to stand on my side of the platform. It looked like a group of students either on or on their way to an overnight field trip. Everyone carried backpacks just like me. When they came closer I recognized a couple of girls from my old school and suddenly I was 13 again, part of the group of students but an outcast, like I was at that age. A part of me was still an adult and some of these people I had later become acquaintances if not good friends with. The adult me wanted to say, “Hey guys, aren’t we over this shit already?”

Then the train arrived and we all got on. I wandered off on my own and listened to another traveler tell his tale of his journey. He was tall, had glasses and seemed to be a science or math student. He just seemed very intelligent but not at all stuffy. I liked listening to him a lot. Then I realized the students were gone and my destination was neither thee original plan, which was to go to work, nor was it to follow those students on their field trip. I was going some place new, wherever this guy was going, to a place not higher learning and discussions.


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