New Job, Abandoned Rooms and Angry Grunting

Dreams 03.26.14
I was in an office, all our cubicles were different. It was very very different. It was really busy. Phones were ringing off the hook. People were buzzing about. I think I was new to the job, maybe my first day. The person who gave me a quick tour of the place pointed me towards the direction of my desk and then went on to bring the other new hires on their way. I headed down a corridor between a bunch of desks that headed towards the windows with blinding sunlight coming through. The office didn’t even have lights on. It was all lit by the sunlight.

One of my coworkers who I had a crush on at one point sat a couple desks behind mine. I passed by him and patted him on the shoulder and continued on. He was busy and barely noticed but he looked up after I had passed by.

When I got to my desk I picked up the phone’s handset and set it back down. I adjusted some papers on my desk, my laptop then got up and walked away. I wandered around a bit after that.

Now there is a big chunk missing again because I am writing this hours later. Wait, I remember that as I wandered, I was now in a banquet hall or convention facility. I walked by little rooms and peaked in the open doors. There were big windows with curtains and inside were people’s belongings. One room in particular was a small chamber the size of a large bathroom stall. It was obviously a bridal change room. A wedding gown laid on a chair, heels on the floor, one standing upright the other heel on its side. There were other things in the room too but I distinctly remember thinking that the bride who was here is long gone. Then I kept on walking. I think it was somewhere here that I saw a small empty fishbowl.

I don’t know if I saw anything else in the facility. I do remember the alarm waking me up then I snoozed and went back to sleep for another 20-30 minutes.

Then I was in the passenger seat of a car with my ex-husband speeding along a highway. I had a thought or vision of taking the small fishbowl I saw earlier, rescuing the fish by dumping it in a body of water. Then I felt bad that the fish bowl was empty and I wanted to fill it up with water and maybe replace the fish. Except I decided against it because it wasn’t my place. In the car, there wasn’t much talking. Then my ex’s phone maybe rang and he gestured for me to pick it up. I flipped open the phone but missed the call. The name on it said Andrea something. The name seemed familiar and I asked who it was, thinking he would think that I asked out of jealousy. He responded that it was the person who he gave our dog to. I freaked out and started yelling/grunting out loud at him. My grunt was prolonged and I was so angry that I woke up from my dream grunting out loud. It wasn’t that loud in real life but I definitely woke up with a vocal grunt-yell. I was surprised by this when I woke up.


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