Spoiler: Zombies!

Dreams 03.28.14
I was visiting an old frenemy. It was nice to see her despite the somewhat mixed feelings I had. She seemed to settle down. She was showing me her baby girl. We were in her basement apartment that she was renting from this older white trashy couple who seemed to have taken her on as a daughter of sorts. I couldn’t tell if her baby daddy was with her or if she was raising this baby alone.

We sat on the old but comfy couch. Suddenly I heard a noise from the back door and had the urge to check outside. I went to the backdoor and could see a looming figure through the frosted glass. The door was slightly ajar but barred shut. Through the movement of the figure through the frosted glass and then clearly through the crack, I knew there was a zombie just out the door. About 20 feet away was another zombie approaching. The one right outside the door was just kind of walking on the spot just outside, gently bumping into the door accidentally. I don’t think it was aware that I was just on the other side nor that there are other people inside this house. But I knew it was only a matter of time.

I quietly rushed back into the main room and started rummaging for possible weapons. I grabbed sticks and metal poles off the floor and shoved them at my frenemy. Her landlords came down sheepishly asking what’s going on. I shushed them and grabbed the metal pipes from my frenemy into their hands. Then I desperately searched for something else that I could use as a weapon. The best I could find was a large multi tool knife. I knew it was no good because it meant the only way I could do damage was if the zombies already got close but it would have to do. There was nothing else that wouldn’t just flimsy break if I smashed it over a zombie head.

I herded the group upstairs and out the front door. We quietly stole away in the landlord’s pickup truck. Frenemy N’ the landlord’s wife were ducked down in the cramped backseat of the pick up. I was in the front passenger side looking back at the house as we drove away. I could see about 8 zombie approaching and crowding around the front entrance. When the pickup started to drive away, several of then turned towards us and started our way. Lucky for us these zombies didn’t run. We were terrified nonetheless. I dared not imagine what would’ve happened if the zombies lunged at the back of the pick up.

As we drove away, the sense of fear slowly died down


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