Dark Missions

Dreams 04.02.14
I was driving long distance in a station wagon style car, from the back seat somehow. It was winding country roads and I was paying a lot of attention to the sky. When it started to get dark, that’s when I realized I was driving from the backseat and that this was probably not the greatest idea, possibly dangerous.

Then I was inside an apartment and I was “Blade”. A tall man in a trenchcoat waited outside the door for me. He was trying to follow me as I went from room to room, packing for a new journey. He asked me questions telepathically and I answered them. Perhaps it wasn’t him asking the questions at all, it might just have been me having an internal dialogue.

Essentially I explained how the first two times I was “summoned” there was a purpose for good. I was called with a mission to change things for the better. Now, this time, this dark jacketed gentleman was summoning me for a dark purpose. The next time I went into the front room and glimpsed him in the corner of my eyes, I noticed that outside my apartment windows it was red and fiery. Then I knew that the devil was out there waiting for me. This was a punishment. What for exactly, I did not know. But my next mission, I was in his hands and there was nothing I could do about it.


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