Disaster Relief and Bliss

Dreams 04.08.14

In a crisis or emergency centre, lot of people walking around. I went to get paper towels. little kids ran around.

I felt like I was in a blissful state. A kid (my teenage kid in the dream) came up to me all nervous. I told him not to worry, things will be okay.

Then I had glimpses of horror/thriller type of movie. There was a family of rednecks sitting around in their dimly lit living room, just hanging out but there was a druggy feel to it all. Everyone was in a blissed out ultra euphoric state. They were all kissing and huging each other. The context bordered on incest but it really wasn’t. I watched flashes of this movie playing in my head, wondering why it was framed in such a context that made it seem wrong. Everyone was just saying how much they loved each other, kissing on the mouths or necks. As one person or another got up to leave the room, only to return later, someone else would kiss and hug them and just tell each how much they fucking loved each other.

I kept wondering, why was this supposed to be “creepy”?


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