Lagoon in Paradise

Dreams 04.11.14
The first part of this is hazy. I think I was in a university building of some sort. I may have been lost or I may have been looking for a specific classroom or exit. Someone would be waiting for me on the other end of this quest although I knew it wouldn’t be the end. I was excited for whoever this person might be.

When I found my way out of the building, it was sunny outside with a clear blue sky. The grassy knolls around lead uphill from the building. I walked up towards the silhouette of whoever I was meeting. When I got up there he wasn’t there. I wasn’t too disappointed. Whatever I felt was brief because the landscape was just too beautiful.

I walked along the curve of a small lagoon/pool where I saw people were gathered around. I couldn’t tell what people were looking at but there was definitely some kind of attraction at the centre of the lagoon. I found an empty standing spot at the far side of the lagoon opposite from where I was. I figured I should make my way over there. It looked like a nice place to settle and take in the sights.

When I found myself standing at that empty spot, the lagoon, people and the sky seemed to stretch out forever before me. The world was so big. I looked down at my hands and had a glimpse of myself putting on a white cocktail or frilly wedding dress. I was having a bit of trouble but I wasn’t frustrated. In fact I was laughing at myself because I had it flipped inside out or thought I had. It occurred to me what an absurd piece of clothing it was that I tried to put on. It was pretty and I did love the design but no matter which way you flipped it, it looked wrong when you are trying to put it on…until you had it on, fitted and pulled the fabric over parts of the body it should go over. Until then, until you looked in a mirror or imagined what it looked like from the outside, that it was beautiful. It was wrong from the inside and definitely not that comfortable.
I did manage to get in it eventually. The process didn’t take that long despite all that I thought while struggling into it. I stood there feeling great in this dress, looking out towards the water, sky and people. Then I closed my eyes and felt the warm rays of the sun on my face and arms. I opened my eyes as I felt a hand gently settle on my left forearm. I looked over and there was the person I was supposed to meet but had never met before. I don’t know if it was a male or female. The person just was and felt like both sexes at once. I just knew that at that moment I felt very good that he/she was with me, sharing that moment no matter how insignificant or significant.

*I have such beautiful dreams with such obvious meanings when I write them down. I wish I could really remember the feeling of the emotional depth of them as well.


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