Would’ve Beens

Dreams 04.22.14
I’ve been in Austin for Easter and before then I was sick a lot so the recall hasn’t been good. There were hints of dreams while I was in Austin but between sleeping on the couch at my sister’s and my baby nephew playing with me all the time, I’ve only had glimpses of them. For last night’s dream though, I’ve managed to hold onto some detail.

I walked out of a door from a descending staircase into a tiny corridor, a back alley in a new city that I was visiting. I was with my highschool ex. We were not “together” but we were just reunited as friends touring a new city together.

The corridor continued but it was intersected by an open street that was wider and open air. Sunlight was pouring in. The perpendicular street looked very inviting. It was bustling and busy. However the slightly darkened corridor that continued on the other side looked interesting too, full of adventure.

I followed my ex who was taking the lead. When we reached the open street he turned around, looked at me then swiftly crossed into the other corridor. Then I followed, deftly weaving through whatever passed by in the open street. We stood at the mouth of the corridor, shadow lead the way ahead.

We looked back at the bright open street together. Then he said to me, “I brought out the biggest part of you.” (He didn’t say biggest I don’t think, but he didn’t say the best either. It was something that was meant to be a mix of the two.) Then he gave me a big bear hug. Then I said quietly to him, “Yes and he had the potential to bring out the best…” I trailed off my sentence, not saying the rest but it meant that the time for that was past and the corridor ahead was for me to walk alone.


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