Lots of Dreams Unrecorded

I don’t know if anybody cares but I guess a part of me does. So I am sorry it has been a while since I posted my dreams. I have like 5 in draft with a few trigger words and sentences, at least 2 in my head and maybe 1 more if I tried real hard to remember. Somehow the urge to write them down hasn’t been too overwhelming. It’s not really like I am doing anything “better”. I am enjoying myself a little more and just letting it go.
Why am I trying so hard? The things I want will come to me, eventually. You can’t forcefully go out to seek it, to steal it, to capture it. Not if there is a shred of resistance in me that holds me back from truly obtaining/attaining that everlasting state of bliss.

I will say that I am doing a little experiment this past week with myself and so far so good. I might start recording the thoughts from this over on the other blog.

Time to get real deep!


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