Haven’t purposefully remembered or recorded dreams for over a month I think.

Here are a couple tidbits from the dreams these past two weeks that I randomly remembered without telling myself to:

– there was something involving a same-sex encounter (with whom I cannot remember)

– I was driving with my sister after having done something “horrible” (something like killing an animal or possibly worse) and my sister sitting in the passenger seat confesses that she has killed a person before

– I was sitting at a round dinner table with uncles and aunts. My dad sat next to me. It was a casual “banquet” being held on a side street back alley like they have in Chinese/Hong Kong movies set in the 40s-60s period. My dad turns to me and gives me a a jewelry pouch. When I unzipped it there was a long necklace/bracelet made of a thin flat jade beads that was flexible and seemed to fuse into each other between the beads. The next instant it was on my left wrist and I sat there turning it and admiring it, so happy that my dad gave it to me. I looked at him thankfully and he just smiled at me.

– I have no context at all for this one other than that I threw a baseball and was disappointed by my throw. I used to throw so much better. Now I threw “like a girl”.


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