New Dreams

Its been a long time since I recorded my dreams. For many months I’ve basically stopped purposely or involuntarily recalling them.

In the past couple of weeks however, I noticed that I had pretty vivid recall on random days which lasted at least the hour after waking up. Plus I also noticed that on nights when I took melatonin to try to fix my sleeping hours that I definitely recalled my dream. Last night and this morning, I had no melatonin at all save a free puffs last night and I remembered both nights’ last dream.

I’m starting to think maybe I should be writing these down again. Perhaps my subconscious is trying to tell me something or maybe it’s a change in the amount of sunlight that I absorb everyday resulting in different levels of melatonin and other sleep-dream governing neuro-juices.

Dream(s) 9.30.14
I was travelling in a world that looked like ours but not. And I was drawing images, writing down what I saw in in journal entries that were giant scrolls.

At first I was driving through a town and being a crazy driver weaving through stopped traffic and on the wrong side of the street. Then when there was no where else to drive I got out and walked through market lanes. Then I jumped on a bus that took me across some border for more adventures.

The bus was full of poor raggedly clothed young people but they were all excited and happy. I slowly made my way to an empty seat with all my bags and satchels hanging off my shoulders.
When I finally sat down I saw some dude just outside the window selling hits of acid or LSD loudly asking who wanted a hit. I yelled out that I did but only had Canadian money and he shook his head and wouldn’t give me any.

While the bus bumped along to cross the border, somehow in our world my bf and another person (whoever sent me on these travels) reached down what could only be described a stone well and pulled me back into the “real” world for a brief chat before throwing me back into the hole of the other world.

Dream(s) 10.01.14
I was sitting inside the dining room of either a ski chalet or hotel in the middle of nowhere. It was late afternoon. It wasn’t super bright out but there was lots of ambient overcast sunlight coming through the floor to ceiling windows. There were decorative ferns strategically placed along at perfectly spaced intervals to make the room less threatening. All the tables sat 4 to 6 people and were covered with white table cloths. I’d say overall the room had a cool blueish tone cast over it.

I sat at one table with 3 others, my bf and 2 women. I can’t remember who the 2 women were now but one of them was insisting that I take a cap of some drug in her hands. When she showed it to all of us, I could see that it was a clear cap with 4 distinct lumps of greenish-brown stuff. The stuff looked familiar and I knew it not to be dangerous but the 4 lumps filled the space within the cap completely. I was reluctant and scared so I refused to take it. The rest of the time that we sat there she and the other woman kept trying to convince me and they just became background noise.

Then a person being led by a large dog on a leash came up right beside out table, past us towards the glass door that was behind me and my bf, who had been sitting with out backs to the windows. We could see hat there was a squirrel or porcupine outside the door, scratching at it to get in. At a closer look, I couldn’t tell if this animal was a cuddly squirrel or a wounded porcupine who if we let in, might wreak havoc amongst us. It looked like it might be frightened and ready to just destroy everything. I looked over at the dog owner who was no longer inside with us. He stood outside on the other side of the door and he opened it just a crack.

The squirrel/porcupine dove inside and scampered away. The dog on his leash was trying trying to push its nose through the crack of then opened door to get inside but somehow unable to. The door would not open anymore and now the dog and mam were stuck on the other side of the glass. I remember being distraught by seeing this and I turned away back to the table and I rubbed and patted my bf’s shoulder to reassure him as a calling gesture.


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