Bestest and Mirror-henge

Dreams 10.07.14

I had a nap last night for about 20 minutes and dreamt that I gave sfs, what can only be described as the most surprising yet best mouth pleasure ever. There was nothing special about it really but on the dream that’s what it was and awake, that seems a little odd.

Then last night’s actual dream, the details I don’t remember well. I was in a house with siblings or friends. It felt like a vacation house but we were also there searching for something. The house had a split level design I think. At one point we went to a carnival that was happening on these large corporate campus grounds so the carnival structures were kind of fantastical against a background of groomed grass fields ands cold and sleek looking modern institutional buildings.

I have no idea what we were searching for now but pretty sure sfs was with me and so was bff. We walked through an oval structure of oversized fun house mirrors which were also doors. I knew I was supposed to go through one of the doors to find what I was looking for but I was scares of what I’d find. It was daylight but overcast. The mirror door structure stood in the open air.


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