Dreams 10.08.14
There seemed to be an overarching theme in my dream(s) from last night. It seems to have been mostly about rejection.

The first part that I remember – I was going into a community centre or pool for a loosely structured, group swimming class. As I was walking into the change room I noticed an athletic competitive swimmer, female. She is totally fictional but in the dream she was kind of my inspiration or idol and the whole reason to take on the swimming challenge. I heard whispers behind me.

As I walked into the change rooms and turned a corner, following the female athlete, I came almost face to face with her. She gave me a look of “What’s the matter with you? Get out of my face.” And I politely moved away but continued to hear whispers and gossip behind my back.

Then I was in a large barn-like school house. The floor was dusty with straw all strewn about. There were still classroom furniture and doors onto different classrooms. I felt like i was in my early teens. I walled from room to room with a sketchbook and pencil looking for a good place to sit on the floor to write and draw but no place seemed private enough.

Eventually I found a place in a big classroom but way on the other side (I think) was a small group of a few other kids my age. They were just hanging out. I didn’t want to move because I did find the perfect spot plus they were far enough away. I decided I didn’t want to to be rude either so I sat down while waving hello to them in acknowledgement. They took notice of me and started to walk over in my direction.

They came close and kind of shoed me away without saying a word. I walked out of the room and away from the spot I had set sights on. I looked back at the spot and at the group who turned me away and felt like I was being cast out of the safest feeling spot in the world.

I think there was one more segment to the dream along similar themes but I cannot remember it now.


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