Four Dreams

Dreams 10.14.14
After a long weekend of staying up too late, I gave in and took some melatonin about 2:30am. I probably should’ve taken earlier because it didn’t kick in until about 3:30am. By then I was so tired but my mind still fought to be awake that I remember 4 drifting to sleep dreams distinctly, each sort of flowing into semi wakefulness then into each other.

The first “dream” I was lying in bed exactly as I was in real life, trying to fall asleep. I was thinking about and missing sfs when I felt him hover over me and kissing my neck and face s gently. I was savoring the sensations when I opened my eyes to see that he was acting a little zombie like, trying to eat my face. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t just fantasizing and this was a dream but couldn’t quite get control of the situation.

I closed my eyes and opened them again and drifted into a second dream where this time the body over me was just a headless body. I was even more afraid then before but still knowing for certain I was dreaming I blew out a deep breathe towards the headless body which then withered away to dust.

Then I feel asleep and in the third dream, I don’t have much details other than I think I was talking to my sister in a house we Kay have used to live in. I think I was mad at her for telling my dad something about me.

The final dream I think I was now talking to !y dad about whatever my sister told him about me in the third dream. Why do I insist these are four different dreams? Because it was clear that they were separate and that in between were moments of wakefulness or consciousness.


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