Dreams 12.10.14
I have not recalls any dreams in a couple months. Most flashes of recall disappear the moment I get up. This morning’s last dream had me starting part time at a mid-level fashion boutique for a little extra cash.

The supervisor brought me around the large store to show me around. There wasn’t much about it that was spectacular. In fact, it was decorated in a pretty old fashioned way, beige all around. It had nice thick plush carpets and in the back room there was a circular platform surrounded by some chairs where, if the customer wanted, another girl who worked at the store could model clothing for their perusal.

The supervisor left me at my post in the store towards the front entrance then I heard the doors open because of the notification chimes. My manager loudly said hello to the customers to announce to everyone that we should be prepared. I glimpsed from the corner of my eyes that it was my godbrothers’ cousin, bringing his wife out for a shopping trip.

I instantly panicked, felt ashamed and embarrassed. I worried that they would see me, working a 2nd job, divorced and alone, trying to “make ends meet”.
All that and who knows what else they might think of me then report back to my godparents.

I woke up after after that.


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