Extraordinary Measures

Dreams 01.18.15
It seemed like the world was preparing for war. Governments of the world were calling everyone to some sort of mandatory participation. I was supposed to report to a training camp. It wasn’t clear to me if it was combat training or some other fork of training. I just knew there would be dire consequences if I did not go.

The place where I had to report into was beside some big museum-like building. There was a big exhibitions going on, something related to the “war” or current state of affairs. There were huge crowds lined up outside the entrance trying to get in. I could see wire fences with blue tarps at the bottoms setup. I couldn’t tell the shape or purpose of this fence but I assumed it had something to do with crowd control. This and the museum crowd essentially blocked my way across to the reporting station.

I looked around trying to find the most direct route that didn’t require me to backtrack and I noticed other people with big backpacks like my own, apparently seeking their own route to camp. I saw the general direction a few of them headed in and followed. I lost them quickly but thought I knew where to go and continued on. As I weaved through the museum going crowd I bumped into a person walking with crutches. It turned out to be an old university friend of mine. I worked on one or two film school movies with him. He looked younger and skinnier but he no longer had use of his legs. They stuck out like immovable sticks, useless and in the way.

At the bottom of a fence, I found an opening under the blue tarp. I stuck my head in and it was like tunnels down there. I saw people and other backpack people crawling through so I went in. I quickly found myself at a dead end and the other two backpackers in front of me started to panic and blame each other. Their bickering made me nervous as well and I began to wonder what to do if we were stuck in this tunnel at night. I heard one of the backpackers try cutting a bunch of sticks or fashioning some tool to break through the surprisingly strong blue tarp material. I thought to myself that if it were night time, no sunlight would shine through to the tunnels at all. I wouldn’t see the backpackers. They couldn’t fiddle with their tools. They could just take a stab at me with the knife and I lay dead in a pool of my own blood.

Then it was later. I was out of the tunnel. I guess I had found my way to the reporting area. I vaguely remember talking to someone who might be an authority figure, trying unsuccessfully to tell them I wasn’t sure I was in the right place. Apparently I had just started a business and this training would hinder my work on the business. It would however be beneficial if the training I received would be applicable to the business. That, I told the “officer” I would be willing to do.

My words fell on deaf ears though as I was quietly ushered in a room with a bunch of lockers to one side and long benches in front of them. The room was filled with new recruits unpacking their gear and changing. Both men and women were changing in the same room. It was clear that the women felt slightly uncomfortable and some of the men were too. To lessen the discomfort, a few of the men began to act “normal” and began their mild locker room antics, making jokes, laughing and tossing clothing in each other’s faces. I noticed I was the smallest person in the room. Feeling small, I found a corner and started to undress.

Later on again, there is a time lapse in the dream. (It is now hours since I woke up so my recall is starting to get fuzzy) I was talking to someone or thinking it in the dream but in he dream world I had a girlfriend. Our relationship was such that we were only together because my boyfriend whom I loved was far away and unreachable. In fact I wasn’t quite sure of he was alive or dead. My girlfriend knew that she was with me only for temporary accompaniment. She didn’t seem to mind and I really wasn’t sute what her situation was. But in that moment in the dream, I was feeling bad about the whole thing.


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