End of the Map

Dreams 02.01.15
I was on vacation with SFS and it seemed like we were in a computer generated and extremely life like world. The only reason I say it must have been generated was because the colours seemed to vibrant and the detail almost popped at the edges at you and the lighting on the scenery around was too picture perfect.

I led us along a path towards the beach and the sound of waves crashing against the sand surrounded us. The light in the sky changed from midday to dusk quickly. The clouds rolled over the clear skies and it was dark. The sun glowed pink and orange in the distance but the reflection of its light in the water was much whiter than made sense.

We following the path until it ended in an open area, slightly uphill in a mound. I decided we must’ve reached the end of the map. The scene was so surreal and beautiful I took out my phone to take a selfie of us with the ocean and sunset as the background. I fumbled with he phone unable yo snap a clear shot with one hand. In the end SFS took the phone from me and took the picture instead.


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