Four Dreams

I’ve had sporatic and random dream recalls without trying to remember. But I’ve also been lazy about writing them down so here are a few from last week and this week.

Dreams.last week of Feb 2015
I was looking in my bathroom mirror putting on makeup getting ready for work. I started using the eyebrow pencil. When I was done drawing the lines on my brow, it was time to flip the pencil to use the bristle brush end to blend the line into my natural brow color.

I did this. And then I took the brush end and started to draw on my forehead, then more of my forehead. I started to notice that I was bald or at least a large part of my scalp was just bowling ball bald. The brow brush was leaving a nice gelled fine hair effect on my bald forehead. The color was a deep brown-red. I kept on drawing until more than half my forehead now looked like it had gelled wavy bangs.

Dreams 03.02.15 or 03.03.13
Sfs and I find a house while on a walk. We sneak in or break in, can’t quite remember. The house looks like a cozy but neat family home. We roam through and look at the different rooms. We find a bedroom with a very comfy looking bed (looks like Sfs bed w new bedding and all) but king sized. I rolled in it giggling and feeling like a little kid and i stay under the covers content and happy in the fluffy cloud of a bed.

Then I heard the owners of the house walking around. I pull open the covers and Sfs took my hand to get me out of the bed. Then we did something else but I can’t remember now.

Dream 03.04.15
At a really good (but dirty and dank) party looking for drugs but couldn’t find them. I wasn’t upset because I was still having fun. Other stuff happened at the party that I can’t recall.

Dream 03.05.15
I was at a house party of a work colleague who I’m not very close to but have had some decent conversations with. I avoided talking to most people because I was shy. The party was winding down and I his in the kitchen helping clean up even though in my head I was telling myself I shouldn’t and didn’t need to do it.

I went out to the living room area and see my colleague sitting on the couch looking a little drained. I wondered if he was happy with everything he had in his life. I considered striking up a conversation but decided against it because he didn’t seem like he wanted to be talked to so I quietly let myself out.


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