Oceans and Canyons

Dream 03.06.15
I was at a cottage or resort cabin with a bunch of people who I’ve never seen before but they were my friends. I think we were all there for another friend’s wedding. The roofs or ceilings in some rooms had big openings that opened up to another roof by allowed a pee
k out into the forest but still allowed for lots of sunlight to come through while still being sufficient rain cover. It let in big circles of bright sunlight on the floor, the kind that blinded you and took a few seconds to get used to when you walked into the room.

I went to one of the guys and woke him up from his afternoon nap. I don’t know why I did. It seemed like the right thing to do, maybe someone else in the cabin told me to. Then, me, this person I woke up and everyone at the cabin were inside a big gazebo on the beach that had an excellent view of the ocean. It was actually very close to it. I guess the wedding party had begun and everybody was mingling.

Then I remember looking towards the ocean and I saw that the tide was coming in much closer. The water was coming up all the way yo the gazebo. All the guests were freaking out a little but I just stood there watching the water come in as my feet got wet. It looked really cool as if the gazebo was built in water.

Next I was hiking with the guy I woke up. We went up to this plateau which overlooked canyons. I remember taking his hand when we walked. He asked me something and I told him I like to come here on my bike in the summer time. He was surprised because it seemed far from where I lived but I told him it didn’t seem that far because the route I take is easy and scenic.


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