Evacuation and Aftermath

The fire alarm went off this morning just before 5am. Thankfully the loud beeps inside our unit stopped after a few minutes but the one in the hallway continued on for at least another 20 minutes.

I did not get up, too sleepy and lazy, trusting that it was likely a false alarm even though there was no announcement made over the P.A. system. My boyfriend could not sleep due to the disturbance so he took Juju and Ginger out for a quick walk. Turns out some asshole we’ve come across before and did not like, pulled the alarm. The cops came and kicked down his door and arrested him. He saw the guy as he was being placed inside the police vehicle.

Dreams 06.02.16
I can’t remember the exact details but in the dream I stayed in a hotel/apartment complex and we were evacuated by the staff. The dream action happens after the alarm (in the dream narrative) has stopped. I was running around the property looking for things that I lost because apparently whatever raised the alarm involved some kind of explosion threw a bunch of our personal belongings on the lawns surrounding the building.

I went out there and the “lawn” was very overgrown, so much so that it was more like a garden. I explored the grounds. Actually I remember the textures and colors looking very much like a video game. I saw stacked wooden pallets, boxes, overgrown with grass and vines. Eventually I found something that belonged to me. It was a bunch of pots with my herb and veggie plants (that I currently have growing on my real life balconh) of which 80% were yellowed and dead!

I was upset but I grabbed the whole planter box which had an easy carry handle, determined to bring it all back to life with some tender loving care. I headed straight inside, the “back” way. I knew exactly where I was going, around the back towards the shack-like extension that had been added to this building. Which, was otherwise an excellent example of a modern, gothic-looking type of fortress-skyscraper. The disheveled and monstrous hut was in fact a covered entrance into the “castle”. I entered.

It was a nearly furnished apartment, don’t know whose? But I knew his was the back way in, so I was sneaking about. Finally I found a door and entered the hallways.

Inside, the hallways, rooms and people all resembled the fanciest possible hotel from a by gone era. Everything was polished, cool and composed but somehow welcoming at the same time. It was a clean, safe place. And somewhere amongst these massive columns and slabs of ultra smooth matte finished marbles, was my home! Everything had gilded gold or silver outlines, inlaid with some irridescent rock polished to sparkle.

I was excited to explore or return to my unit, this I remember. Then I cannot remember more. Not sure if I had dreamt more n forgot or if the dream ended.


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