Last Chance

A lot of the dream is lost now. It’s been an hour plus since I woke. That’s ok, little bit at a time.

Dreams 06.10.16
There was a lot before this part and it was all related. How, I am not sure but maybe it will come back as I commit this next part to type.

I was in an elevator with my partner and a stranger, a woman. By partner I don’t mean romantic partner but partner in whatever endeavor I was engaged in within the dream. The woman was not a partner but I think she was hoping to go where we were going, where the elevator was supposed to take us. There, somebody or a group of people were the “gatekeepers” to this activity that we were all trying to do.

My partner was male, I forget if I knew him in real life. The woman I definitely did not know. She was nervous and obviously panicking about what happens when and if she got to her destination.

The elevator we were in was old, like a warehouse cage elevator that you see in movies. It moved slowly and loudly and it was a long, sometimes rough ride. Everytime it became rough, the woman let out some exclamation of worry or panick. It was pretty unnerving for me and my partner as we were trying to accomplish the same thing she was, only we were redoing it. I believe we were attempting to pass a trial of some sort and we were given three tries. This was to be our last.

The earlier part of the dream must have been related to the first two tries. All I remember was running and a lot of “action” like in an action horror/thriller movie. There were loud metallic clangs, industrial beams in a large crowded warehouse that we raced through, doing sharp turns, sliding under things, etc.

That’s it, all that I can remember!


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